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Service & Maintenance

With over 20 years of bike maintenance experience, we are highly knowledgeable in all manner of bike service and repair. All repairs are based on an initial assessment and budget estimate for parts and labor. We offer free quotes on all repairs and guarantee all tuneups (except on department store bikes) for 6 months.


Blue Sky Bicycles also performs complete bike fitting sessions.  These typically take one to two hours and we will check everything from saddle height, to torso angle to ensure that the bike is properly fitted to your specific geometry requirements.  Call or email us today to schedule an appointment!


"Since my wife and I decided to open our own shop in 2008, our mission has always been to provide the best service. We do not work on E BIKES, only pedal powered bicycles.

Just as important, we believe cycling is a way of life, a kind of subculture, and the people who do it are diverse, fun and interesting… the kind of people I like to hang out with!
With that in mind we want our shop to be a welcoming, inviting place to enjoy the cycling lifestyle, however you may interpret it.

I have been a pro bike mechanic since 1995, and ridden competitively off and on since 1984.
Whether you ride for transportation, recreation, fitness, or sport, we welcome you.
Come in and talk bikes, hang out on the couch, the vibe here is casual.
We take our work seriously, and guarantee it on most bikes (except the dept. store variety; sorry)."- Bill Gibson, Owner

Service Rates


  • Tune-Up $59.99

    • Full Tune-Up Includes: Adjusting gears, Brakes/Headset, Wheel Truing, Tighten and Lube, Adjust Hub Bearings

  • Adjust Gears $10 

    • Cables $5 ea.

    • Labor $10 ea.

  • Flat Tire

    • -Front $7.50Rear $10 LABOR

  • Wheel Truing $20

    • Spokes $3 + $30 Labor

  • Brake Labor $10 ea.

  • Hydraulic Bleed $20 ea. and up

  • Chain Install $10 + Cost of Chain

  • Crank or Headset Replacement $20 + parts

  • Derailleur Replacement $25 + Parts (Includes Cable)

  • Compressed Air $1.50

  • Drivetrain Cleaning $50

    • ​Cassette, Chain, Crank, Derailleurs


Labor Guarenteed 6 Months

-No Guarentee on Department Store Brands, Damaged or Abused Parts



Maintain Your Bike


Any Bike purchased from our shop comes with Half Price tune-ups. That includes wheel truing, oiling, chain wear check, gear and brake adjustments and more.

We have many products to help you maintain your bike and make it last longer. From oils and lubes to new chains and brake pads we have you covered. Can't find it in store? Just ask, we may have run out and just need to order it.

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