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Since 2008, Blue Sky Bicycles has been known for our service. We repair most all bicycles, with the EXCEPTION of E BIKES. I'm Bill Gibson, and I've been a pro mechanic since 1995, and have been working full time as a bike shop mechanic since 2002 until 2008, when I started my own little shop. I still do most of my own work, but have a couple of trusted friends that also do great work for me during peak season.

 We service what we sell and also all major brands. Reasonable prices, honest advice and no BS. That's what I do.

 ALSO I need to mention that we are NO LONGER ABLE TO PROVIDE FREE TUNEUP SERVICE TO OUR BIKES! I'm sorry, but with all the supply chain disruptions and ongoing lack of bikes and parts, we have had to change our free tune up policy and now offer our service for 1/2 price. Any new bike that we sold in the past is still covered by this, as long as the Blue Sky sticker is on the bike and we're getting some free publicity, we'll true the wheels, adjust the hubs, gears and brakes, tighten the bolts,  lube the chain and pivots and give it a test ride. If anything else needs repaired or replaced we'll let you know!


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